The S/S season is all about keeping it minimal but still bold. I love a minimal face with a bold lip or a glossy clear lid with glossy lips or bold lashes and glowy skin. Which is what this post is all about, the bold lashes and glowy skin look. I have found 2 products that would work well together. Starting off with the skin, I have recently discovered the brand NIOD. It's rather unique as a brand through their products and aesthetic. I was looking for something that would bring a glow to my face with out being heavy as it was to be worn throughout summer. I was also looking for something that could be used in different ways. I came across their Photography Fluid opacity product and I loved it. I got mine in the shade 'Tan' which gives me a natural looking tan but with a dewy glow effect at the same time. I got mine in the 8% but I believe 12% works even better (depending) on your skin tone. You can apply the Niod photography fluid with your moisture or on top of it. You can apply it on top of your foundation or even mix it with your foundation which is what I do and I think that works best for me.

On to the lashes! This lovely permanent eyelash kit is the perfect invention for you eyelash guru girlies. And I must say, if you are a occasional eyelash wearer like me, this will make you think twice when applying lashes. I get put off the process of applying eyelashes, the tools and how they look on my eye. Well this eyelash kit from have solved those issues. They have created a AFFORDABLE and practical eyelash kit. Everything you see in the photograph is all included in the kit and it is all for £19.99. Saves you from the trouble of finding somewhere to do your lashes and it saves you £££. I love the fact they have provided individual lashes as well as I'm a natural lash kinda girl and sometimes a few individual lashes is enough for me to finish a make up look.

The kit includes: Double Layer Silk Strip lashes x 1 pair, Tray of mixed length individual silk lashes, Strip eyelash applicator tweezers, Individual eyelash application tweezers (x 2 different types included), Eyelash glue rings x 2, Eyelash brushes for maintenance x 2 & Leaflet instructions on how to apply individual eyelashes with top tips and tutorial QR codes.

You can get your kit over on along with other types of lashes. I also have a code for you guys. Use: KOKO10 for 10% off your purchase!