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"The need for perfection and the desire for inner tranquility conflict with each other. Whenever we are attached to having something a certain way, better than it already is, we are, almost by definition, engaged in a losing battle" ---- Richard Carlson. I am currently reading a book ' Don't Sweat The Small Stuff', the theme of the book is in the title. It's chapters talks about different fragments of our lives that we all over complicate. It talks about things we all know already but we haven't applied them to our lives or we simply don't know how to apply it to ourselves. One of the chapters is 'Make Peace with Imperfections' which is something I heavily believe in and connect to. All our lives, we have had examples of 'perfection' or ways life or something should be, when it does not have to be like that at all. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so why does perfection even exist. I feel like we all tend to stress ourselves over things we cannot change which therefore means we must learn acceptance. We must try and see the beauty in all things. It's about realising that while always a better way to do something, it doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy and appreciate things just the way they already are. Catch yourself when you fall into the habit of insisting that things should be other than they are. Remind yourself that life is actually okay.

This look is a real simple but fun one. I styled pops of colours again but that's clearly my thing right about now. I've been loving graphic tees recently, it's so easy to throw on and style up with pretty much anything. I went for a structured high waisted pant, with a graphic tee, slides and a belt & bag to bring it all together. And OF COURSE, couldn't help myself but wear my favourites shades with this look.

Enjoy --- KT x

shot by @annyahdeanna