'When life gives you lemons, make orange juice'. Yes, orange juice. You're probably wondering how does lemon make orange juice. That's what I want you to keep wondering. When life throws a bunch of unpleasant sour situations, dilemmas, whatever it may be --- it's important to remain positive through it all. It's about taking and embracing the current TEMPORARY sour situation and turn it around by seeing the lesson in it. That's where the orange juice comes in, the orange juice is the positive sweet lesson you gain from the lemons of life. By simply changing your mindset and perception of life, changes how you deal with certain situations. And of course, I couldn't help myself but tie in orange within this post as that is the colour I am wearing here lol.

Onto the outfit, orange has grown to be one of my favourite colours (I have mannnny) -- it has definitely grown on me especially when absorbing every ray of sunshine possible. Looks amazing on sunkissed glowy skin. I cannot complain about the weather, I just was just a bit unprepared for it because you know how 'Summer' is in the UK. It usually lasts like 2 weeks tops, so it's been amazing for us. It has allowed me to venture out more with S/S fashion. I have also noticed my growth of confidence as a playsuit.. phhftt you'd never catch me in one of them. It's the bulging thighs that stopped me. However, I have previously mentioned on my blog about my health and fitness journey --- I have helped to reduce the thighs but there's still some wobble there. But you know what, I have embraced it and I have accepted to embrace myself no matter what stage I get within my health journey. It's still beauty and I hope you feel the same about yourself too!

Enjoy KT X

Shot by @annyahdeanna