What a summer London is giving me right now, I'm definitely here for it! This summer has been the most productive but fun summers so far for me. This year I already secured the right people in my life, whether its friendships or business-ships (lol) -- I'm here for all the great energies and souls which makes experiences and memories more prominent. Fun and hard work is all my summer will consist of. In other news.... YOUR GIRL HAS SECURED THE BAG AND WILL NOW BE YOUR NEW DIGITAL DESIGNER! I am honestly so thrilled and grateful that I will be able to work in a field I absolutely love and make a living out of. Never doubted my capabilities but you can't help to have a small % of doubt sometimes. I just finished my degree and secured something right after is the best feeling to be fair. Consistency, determination and passion is what it all consist of. Just as long as you have them factor embedded in you, you will reach whatever goal you are aiming to reach. And oh, it's all in God's timing too -- remain faithful and patient, everything happens for a reason. 

On to the outfit.. For those who have been reading my posts for a while will be aware for my love for the colour black lol. I used to really go for dark colours but got bored of it all and have grown away from it. Now I add more colour and pattern to my looks. But sometimes, it's always good to revisit so here it is ha! A all black summer outfit which it's a crossover of chic and edgy. So I hope you enjoy this!

KT x

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shot by @annyahdeanna