Platonic? What is it? It's love but removing all sexual intimacy. Love is in many forms whether it's friendship, relations or strangers. It's something that we all want and need. To me, without love, this world would be nothing. The reason why I mentioned or played on the title 'platonic', the society/generation of today and the upcoming generations, I think the definition/substance of love has slowly disappeared. Do we know how to love without being sexual? Do we love without the intention of receiving anything in return. Do we love genuinely and whole heartedly? Not only do we love others but do we love ourselves properly or at all even? Love starts from the core of your life, you. You have to ensure that you practice self loves and respect before you can share it whole heartedly. I always say that energy transfers so with that being said if you don't love yourself it will show and be transferred to others. This leads to others be disrespectful and unloving towards you. Once you learn how to love yourself then it becomes much easier to love others genuinely. Not meaning to love everyone, but when you do you'll make sure to do it properly.

shot by @annyahdeanna