Greek Goddess --- this is exactly what this look reminded me of. This post represents self love and self appreciation, the embracement of your inner goddess. Recently, it's been a rollercoaster with how I have been feeling about myself. Some times I feel like I've achieved and grown so much and other times I don't feel I have achieved enough. I’ve been feeling a little here and there and everywhere recently. I guess it’s the transition from being a student to the ‘real’ world lol. I’m in the process of trying to get my life on track to where I want it to be ultimately. Only the Lord knows where this life of ours will lead to, just as long as you work hard all you can do is live life filled with happiness. When there’s obstacles, it can be difficult to surpass them especially when you know what you want ultimately. But ‘life is for living’, which is something I genuinely live by. And living is not worrying too much about the future, not to the point where it effects your mental state. It’s important to take some time out to recharge and reconnect with yourself. The acts of self love and appreciation can be anything from giving yourself a pamper day to working out. Recently, I have started to embrace myself more in my natural element. Meaning being much more comfortable without a wig or make up. I never was too insecure about my natural self but recently I just felt the urge to just embrace all of me in whatever element I am in --- I am beautiful with AND without. Maybe another reason is probably a little bit of laziness when it comes to applying make up. Beauty can be rather time consuming lol! Anything that feeds your body mind and soul, is an act of self love. I don't write my posts to preach or advise anyone but I'm simply here to share and inspire. I am demonstrating that no one is alone in any obstacle. Make sure you tell yourself as often as possible how amazing and worthy you are —- you are a queen, a goddess.

On to the look, I went for this beautiful dress which screams summer to me. I love an easy going outfit especially with the heat summer brings. When I first styled this look together with just the dress and shoes, it looked like I stepped straight out of the Ancient Greece period. Which isn't exactly terrible, but it's not what I was going for. Then I popped on my favourite glasses of all time, earrings, bag and the whole look came to life. It's crazy how accessories can really just bring a whole outfit together. So there we are: creased-effect white dress, with rope platform sandals, wooden bag, minimal dangly earrings and paired with retro sunglasses. Ohhhh, I nearly forgot the bright lip. I had to go with the Fenty Beauty orange lip combo: Saw-C & Freckle Fiesta. Let me tell you right now that this orange combo is lip combo ALL summer ha.

Enjoy! --- KT x


Shot by @annyahdeanna