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Liberated, I feel so liberated. I've struggling to write for this post as I really don't know how to say what I want to say. I feel overwhelmed by everything right now but in a very good way and sometimes it's difficult to put all of that in just words. I have finished university after 3 years of blood sweat and tears (lol). No but at some point I didn't think I was going to make it and I'm sure it really wasn't just me that felt that way. But I stuck at it because I believe if I start something, I need to finish it. So that's what I did, and really and truly I did enjoy most elements of my course. Now the world's my oyster and I have to make sure I put my stamp on it no matter what it is or how big or small that stamp is. I feel liberated not only from the education system but liberated as a person. I feel like liberation has allowed me to help me grow into the best version of myself and I'm excited & I'm here for it! I'm both excited and anxious about where life is going to take me, I don't have a set calculated plan but I know God's got me in every way. I have massive faith in myself regardless and what I want, I will be determined to get, God's willing. As some of you may know already I've been working on something behind the scenes to bring out to you guys, and I still am so keep your eyes peeled! For any of you guys that are going through uni right now, especially the final year, the best of luck to you and you got this --- we all can be winning!

Onto the look of course, I feel like I've always loved the combo different looks together. This combo with the printed crop top and oversized cargo pants is an example! Styled these with some Nike Reimagined Air Forces and some oversized glasses as you may know my small obsession with eyewear. I've been so happy with the weather recently, it really has been trying! So keep posted for more looks because I'm about to do the most since the sun is out haha!


Enjoy --- IMK x