Transition transition transition. When I think of this word I think of a new chapter, a fresh start, growth and progress. I felt like for a while, I was stuck in this dull and mundane limbo that I couldn't really see the end of. I was starting to say to myself to just 'settle' for what I have right now. I was feeling like I lacked some life in me that I use to carry with me all the time before a few years ago. I missed that life and energy in me. It was weighing me down and enabling me to forget what life is really for and that is 'life is for living'. And that is my life motto! That controlled but flowing spontaneity is what I missed and I feel like I got it back. I learned to put myself first in life especially when it came to happiness. There's only so much you can see from someone's life being an outsider looking in, but from inside looking outside it could be ever so different. Right now I'm so excited to see what life is about to bring and show me. I feel liberated and ready to take on whatever it throws at me!

On the topic of 'transition', can we talk about the weather though?! I love when spring/summer comes through for us in London . The sun and heat will shy away for sure and will most probably rain very soon but we could at least enjoy what we have whilst we have it. Right now, as the weather is so uncertain we got to make sure we are prepared for it in terms of looks. It's that type of weather where it'll be t-shirt weather during the day and then jacket weather an hour later. So light layering and transitional pieces/staples are always handy. This look was quick put together but still cute, imo. Quick fitted tank top paired with colour block bottoms and a oversized white shirt with some AF1 kicks and taadaa! To finish it off, I styled it with my favourite shades, a simple gold chain with bright orange lips and nails. Sometimes it's the little elements that makes a difference.