Since the beginning of 2018, I have been overwhelmed with so many things and all happening at the same time. I honestly feel so blessed with everything going on right now. I've been working on my degree, it's the final year so this is where all the blood, sweat and tears happen! It is hard work but I do take great pleasure in it as it has helped me to figure out the industry works and how I can take it on once my degree is over. With saying that I have been quietly working on IMK as brand. Executing ideas and creating some magic for IMK which I am so so excited to share with you guys once it is ready, so stay tuned! In the mist of all of that, trying to organise multiple travelling trips and my birthday is all quite a lot. I have also taken on opportunities with brands so also watch out for the collaborations coming up. But honestly, I am incredibly grateful for everything that comes my way. Without everything I have going right now, I wouldn't really feel like 'me'. Also, a massive shout out to all the hard working females out there, you are incredible for doing you and being you! 

I'm bringing to you this look for today's post, which is yet again another 2 piece. I can't lie, this might be one of my new things - similar to my eyewear situation lol! Super comfy set that I have styled to be casual but a bit chic with the baker boy hat and jacket. A cute warm knit set with a faux fur lined jacket is perfect for right now. The touch of red from this outfit just brings it all together and adds a bit of colour in the mist of palette of greys and blacks and especially with the grey weather right now. Talking of weather, I feel like we are entering another month of winter, what's going on?! March is a couple days away and it has been snowing here. All I can say is global warming is real! 

KT x

JACKET (similar here)

SET (Bottom | Top)



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