A very late Happy new year to you guys! I've been MIA as of recent. As the new year starts I've in reflection and a goal achieving mode. I feel extra positive about the year of 2018 and I am most definitely putting all my passion, energy and time into it. 2017 was a good year, it was a year of lessons and self education. I feel like I'm ready to dive in and work outside my comfort zone, this applies to every aspect of my life. From my fashion style looks, to beauty, to travelling and right through to health & fitness. I have set myself multiple goals to achieve and that is what I am aiming to achieve and exceed. I've changed my eating diet and my started the gym again. My aim is not to really aim for a body aesthetic as such, but it's wherever my health & fitness journey takes me. I am aiming for just positive change in my health and body because you know, health is wealth! Just trying to have a better outlook on life. Now, I am more aware of what type of things I should be consuming & using on my body. On that note, I am working & creating something that I am so excited to share with you guys once it has been developed and finalised. I will be announcing it and sharing it with you all soon, so watch this space! 


Moving onto the look. I call this look a simple but qwerky look. I can't lie, right now my inspiration levels are quite low which annoys me a little. It's like I got a inspo block. It happens! So this look incorporates simplicity, comfort but with a lil edge. Whenever I want to spice up a simple look, I tend to go for a statement accessory piece to balance it all out. This year I want to explore my style further and try different things, so that's exactly what I'll aiming for this year which I am excited about!


I hope you guys achieve everything that you set yourself out for this year, it won't be easy but it'll be worth it. We are all in this together! Enjoy the look

KT x