Sometimes I feel frustrated with life. From the smallest things to the biggest. The feeling of not being where you think you're meant to be. That feeling could really put you down and could escalate to doubt within yourself. 'Am I even good enough?' 'Why am I not here yet?' 'Why don't I have this?' 'How comes I haven't achieved this yet' 'Am I doing it all wrong?'. Every now and then these are the questions are ask myself. We all struggle at some point and it's about turning it around. Majority of the time it's a combination of it being all in my head and lack of patience. Patience is something life has taught me. I am spiritual so I believe everything is within God's timing which is something I tell myself over again and again. Whenever I go into that mindset, how I get out of it is by reassuring myself how far I have come, how much I have achieved so far and showing myself some appreciation. As harsh as it may sound, life does not stop. Whatever happens, it continues. And so do you. Whatever you are trying to achieve, keep going. Keep fighting, keep grinding because one day you'll look back and know it was all worth it. 


Moving onto the outfit. I wanted to dress up a bit and go for a bold colour to just lift the spirit and to jazz it up a bit. Throwing on a cute bold but chic outfit always makes me feel great! For this look I went for a bold print tie crop blouse, white wide leg trousers and some cute low heels.





SHOES (alternative)

BAG (alternative)