I know it is pretty cliche talking about the weather again but it really does effect what your everyday activities. In contrast to my previous post, it feels like winter. London weather does not want to make its mind up. I'm currently writing this blog post curled up warm with some fluffy slippers on. Typical.

Moving away from the weather and onto colour. As you guys may have noticed, I'm loving orange right now. I've given myself the challenge to dress with more colour. I say that your style is an expression and styling myself in mostly dark colours does not represent me well. I mean I'll always love black, as a go to colour but there's much more to life than that lol. Wearing more colour has inspired me not only through clothing but lifestyle aesthetics and interiors. Hopefully you guys will see more than just style posts very soon which I am very excited about. I wanted to give you guys more than just content on clothing, but other things that are involved in my life. So keep your eyes peeled!

Onto the outfit, this Mango 'set' (this isn't even a two piece but these two go perfectly together and look like a set so I will just run with it lol) is something I couldn't ignore. I love the shape of these pieces. This Mango Impermeable blouse waist drawstring detail has to be my favourite feature about this outfit. Fits perfectly over the curves. I was skeptical about the fit of these orange cotton trousers since they are 100% cotton and as you can see I'm on the meaty side lol. Meaning that more time than not I look for at least a bit of stretch in my bottoms. I have that small waist and big thighs problem so I was surprised how these trousers fit so well. 

This look is pretty much cute for most occasions. As you can see I have paired these with some leather smart trainers with a bow detail. But you could also dress it up with a light coloured pair of heeled sandals or even a open toe boot with a soft leather clutch bag. 

I hope you guys enjoy this look and/or take inspiration from it!