Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well. I know I've been a bit MIA on the blog recently, your girl just been trying to work her ass off! And quite honestly, this just gives me some space to just unwind in a creative way. Currently in my last year of my degree and things are a bit hectic but we are getting there! When I first read through my module brief and my dissertation brief, I was really overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to produce in a short space of time. As something being your own work, you tend to be a perfectionist and if it doesn't go your way then it plays on your mind. That was exactly me, felt like my procrastination was getting in the way and letting my 'perfectionism' be an excuse for not getting sh*t done. For those who know me personally, I believe in God. I was brought up to be a Catholic, but the older I got and started discovering myself I realised that my faith didn't matter, it was my spirituality that did. And since discovering that I just would pray to God and actually felt it physically in a passionate way. So during my stressful times I just would have a conversation with God and tell him all my problems and my worries. I ask for help and guidance, I ask for forgiveness and I ask for opportunities not only work related but opportunities to grow to the best version of myself. I kid you not, since communicating in this way I have felt so free, motivated and dedicated. Not all you believe in God which is absolutely fine, we all have different ways to keep ourselves going! Just make sure you speak out in whatever form. 

Moving onto style! Winter is definitely here and staying put in London right now. So with that, comfortability and warmth are my main priorities. It does not mean you have to wrap yourself up head to toe in a duvet coat, it means you can still be stylish! I went for this over sized coat forest green coat. I don't usually do this colour but right now I'm loving it, such a versatile colour that could go with pretty much any colour palette. Styled it with a warm knitted cream dress, tights, ankle sock boots and my trusty black fedora hat!