I haven’t given my blog some love recently. It’s my final year at university so once October kicks in, it all gets very real. Trying to complete my uni work, go to work, running my blog, working on other projects in relation to my blog & trying to plan out a business plan is not easy and trying my best to juggle it all equally. But just bare with me as I get back into the swing of things. I always feel like the starting point of anything is pretty much the hardest part and that’s me right now.

Being overwhelmed with the amount of things I’m doing at the moment can really effect my body which is why I’m writing this post for anyone else that can relate. Just remember there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and always remember why you’re doing this, what you’re trying to achieve and where the end goal is. I do all of this because I feel much happier keeping myself busy and knowing I have a purpose. Doing all of this for me and that’s the most important thing to remember. Just remember to always have some ‘me’ time, it’s so important to make sure you look after yourself in the process. You got this!

Moving onto the outfit for this post, I went to Paris for the day! Joking, but sure looks like I did. I’m LOVING the beret trend right now. Didn’t think it would suit me but you know I had to try it anyway. Get you a girl that can do it all ;). I had my eye on these trousers because online they looked amazing so I popped into the store to try it on and girrrrrrl, these fit like a dream. I loveeee the button detail with the side slit, merging the sporty fit with the chic look with the houndstooth/checker print is what I’m living for right now. Added a pop of red to bring it to life and voila c’est fait!