It's been a year since www.inspiremekoko.com has been launched. For those who have known me personally or even followed me on my social networks for a few years now, you will know that was before inspiremekoko there was ktswardrobe. Ktswardrobe was more or less an experimental creation and a confidence builder. Over the years, I have struggled with my own personal and I kept that pretty private. I don't expect people to really understand what they do not know of. But everything I have been through has built me as a person and my craft that has bloomed over these years. Till this day I'm learning from my experiences and still making mistakes. I don't like it but I guess its a learning process to lead me to what I have been destined to do. The Almighty knows my intentions. This time last year I was in Florida and my travels definitely inspired me. The culture, food, lifestyle, landscape, everything about my trip inspired me. This led to the birth of inspiremekoko. 

Decided to celebrate this anniversary with all black. Fedora hat, jumpsuit, chiffon see through cardi & peep toe boots. I will not lie, this is one of my favourite jumpsuits. It enhances my body so much, I couldn't believe it LOL

Finally, Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. Hope you all enjoy the rest of 4 day weekend!