Since having this grey hair, I've had to think of ways to compliment colours together more than I usually would. I mean this is definitely something different for me so I've to adjust a little. This is what I love about creativity and what you can do to your appearance with it, especially style & clothing. I'd thought I'd match the weather too, since it has been chipping recently in London! Which brings me to my outfit. Well I can say haven't seen a hoodie this cosy. It IS cosy! I love the oversized fit to the hoodie, it doesn't make you look like you're drowning in it, it falls over the body in a complimenting way. I must say, the day I wore it, it was so cold and for this to be classified as 'hoodie', it did a pretty good job of keeping me warm. I went for a bit of an edgy feel to this with the ripped jeans and platform boots to keep it rather casual-ish. Styled it up with a turtle neck underneath as this hoodie has a zip which you can adjust, and it can be a bit low. Lastly, added a metal handle cross body bag.

Shot by Darnell Temenu 


I hope you enjoy this one!


JEANS (alternative)


BOOTS (alternative)

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