2016 I decided to give myself a 12 month mini project. As of those who have been reading my blog, you may have realised that I tend to wear a lot of dark clothing. There's no real reason why I wear a lot of dark garments, I just like the colours and it's also versatile. So with that being said, I decided to do a post each month focusing on a specific colour. I want to show you guys how versatile/fun I can be with colour. I feel like not only can I play around with colours but I can also experiment with tones within that colour 'group'. This mini project was inspired by someone very close to me. They mentioned the key word 'colour', which led me think of this project.

Evidently this month, I've focused on the colour grey. Grey is so versatile and the tones within that colour allowed me to really experiment. It allowed me to put grey + grey together without it looking too overwhelming all together. Moving onto the garments, I styled up my all time fave long grey wool coat with a cropped white blouse. I had to add a contrast colour to break it up a little. Along with that, I styled it with a pinstripe grey and white longline waistcoat, leather wrap skirt and patent clear heeled boots and OH MY DAYS GUYS! Let's talk about the boots for a second please! 

The dior dupes, I adore these boots. So elegant but edgy. I couldn't afford the dior ones just YET so when I saw these, it was an instant buy. They came in a few different colours which made it hard for me to pick but I don't really own grey boots so grey it was.


These images were shot by Darnell Temenu        www.darnelltemenu.com

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