I'm back with some changes. I decided I wanted a whole different look/style for my blog/website. I have blogged in a while because I was working on this site and I didn't want to rush anything as everything had to be at my standard. 

Moving on. I recently went back to Florida (my favourite place) to visit. I'm still pretty stunned by how beautiful it is here, even though I have been here before. I guess this time I really took advantage of the beauty of the landscape here which was all very appreciated. I also did I few shoots out here, which I am very excited to post.

Elevating towards my outfit, I've been really into the 'culotte' fit. I just think this type of cut can be styled as elegant and classy but also casual and laid back. Who doesn't love versatile pieces ay? These culottes in particular have an amazing hem line. It curves and shapes which I personally think it adds a very nice touch. I styled these with a knotted long sleeved crop top and some mules.